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I am so very pleased with this product. I have suffered for many years with these horrible cold sores. I just had a terrible bout of them due to stress; I even had them in my nose. I had applied this cream to an existing cold sore in my nostril and by 3 hours later I was experiencing great relief from the pain. Yesterday I applied this cream twice to a cold sore that was just coming on and miraculously it was gone by this morning.
I thank you.

Janet C.
Edmonton, Alberta

As soon as I felt the feeling of the cold sore starting on my lip, I applied the cream several times a day for three days, and it never did grow into anything. It just disappeared.

Marion H.

As soon as I felt the cold sore starting to show up on my lip I applied the cream that evening and next morning and it never showed up full force like other times; I really felt the cream working right away.

Sandra M.
Calgary, Alberta

I get cold sores quite often and without this cream I would say that a little cold sore would turn into something big and bleed. It would usually take two weeks to heal. I tried A-a and the results were not anywhere near as good as this cold sore cream. This cream seems to stop my cold sore in it's tracks.
Very satisfied.

Debbie H.
Scarborough, Ontario

Works quickly. No discomfort while using it. Would discontinue use as soon as cold sore doesn't hurt as it makes the cold sore scab very easily.

Shirley Z.
Blairmore, Alberta

I really found it worked well. Tell Ron it's good stuff.

Denise S.
Edmonton, Alberta

"At first I wasn't sure that I was getting a cold sore as it wasn't directly on my lip, but above my lip. After 2 days when I realized it was in fact a cold sore, I applied the Quick-Fix cream about 4 times that day. The next day it was a little scab. I applied the cream again 4 times and  the next day it was gone. Remarkable. Best cold sore remedy I've ever used."

Elaine N.
Sherwood Park, Alberta

I happened to get the feeling of another cold sore. I then immediately put a dab of quick-fix medication. The next morning I had just a small white dot left. Had no pain, as I have had in the past many times with cold sores. So happy I tried this product and will continue using it.  Thank you.

Sharon A.
Edmonton, Alberta